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Ericsson Ukraine
In 2002 "Kaskad-Telecom" concluded an agreement with the company "Ericsson Ukraine" to perform installation of telecommunication equipment for the Ukrainian mobile operators. In accordance with this agreement our company carried out the installation of switching equipment (MSC, BSC, HLR etc.), RBS equipment and data transmission systems. For this purpose 10 colleagues from our company have passed training courses in the Ericsson's training center in Zagreb and were certified as supervisors.

The co-operation between our companies is branching out every year, grows the scope of the carried out works.


Huawei Technologies
Nowadays, inside the Ukrainian telecommunication market one can feel evident presence of Chinese firms. Particularly, HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES offers a wide range of high technology telecommunication equipment at moderate prices. In 2004 between "Kaskad-Telecom" and HUAWEI was signed a subcontractor agreement on installation and testing of delivered to Ukraine equipment. For this purpose, at HUAWEI's training center specialists were trained and certified to work on following types of equipment:


• Mobile telecommunications (GSM RNP, GSM BSS, GSM MSC, CDMA BSS);

• Data transmission (SDH, DWDM, OSN);

• Telephone exchanges (C&C08, HONET);

• IT networks (NSS).


Nokia is one of the world-famed leaders in the telecommunication sphere. In 2005 an agreement was signed between "Kaskad-Telecom" and NOKIA. The starting project was building of long-distance microwave relay line. In future we expect considerable expansion of co-operation.
Altyn Asyr Project in Turkmenistan
In the period from March to May 2011 "Kaskad-Telecom has been involved in the project Altyn Asyr (Golden Age) in Turkmenistan. The project was supposed to deploy a telecommunications network based on Nokia Siemens Networks equipment and its integration with the existing Huawei and Siemens networks.
Huawei Ukraine: main partnership results 2011
In 2010 the installation and testing of Huawei OptiX PTN 1900 Packet Transport Platform was completed.
Huawei Ukraine: main partnership results 2009
During 2009 Kaskad-Telecom have installed and commissioned three new DWDM lines (based on Metro 6100 equipment ) for Telesystems of Ukraine, a Ukrainian telecom operator.
Building turnkey switching nodes for mobile communications
Kaskad-Telekom possesses all necessary resources for fulfilling the complete complex of works on building of mobile communication switching nodes
Huawei co-operation outcome in 2008
Huawei Strategic Cooperation Forum 2008 in CIS Region was held in Moscow 17.10.2008 where our company was awarded as BEST PARTNER.
Establishing of DWDM network service centers
Kaskad-Telecom has successfully realized a project on the development of DWDM network for Astelit, Ukrainian mobile operator (TM Life).
Chromatic and Polarization Mode Dispersion Measurements on Fiber Optic Telecommunication Lines
Our company provides services on testing and measurements of fiber optic telecommunication lines
Seven DWDM data highways put into operation
During last 6 months, by our company together with Huawei, seven DWDM data highways were successfully turned over to the customers

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